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I cruise through the streets to capture candid moments and raise vibrations through collaborations, stemming from the multicultural city of Bristol with roots in Jamaica. The seed for my visual palate was planted in the streets of Bristol and expanded in London during my studies in Photography. My passion lies in fashion and street photography.
​My confident and charismatic character enables me to grab people's attention and flair in a flash of a moment - I capture the raw, uncensored movements of life.

During my photography career, I've collaborated with creatives in fashion and culture magazines, make-up and the music industry. I produce unique visuals by allowing you to move in a fashion of exploration; my openness enables whoever I work with to feel at ease and discover more about their bodies.


My main focus is to provide and produce the quirkiest shots for you by channelling my positive energy through my lens, styling and directing skills. I've done work for Gucci Make-Up and the front cover for the upcoming, uncensored Playful magazine.





As a lover of vintage and recycled clothes, I aim to evoke silhouette styles, mixing shapes and forms with a multitude of materials, inspired by quirky outfits, abstract shapes and playful poses. I recycle material to make a message of sustainability.


End to End 29/02/2020

End to End: Is a project where I travelled to each end of the 10 underground lines in Berlin. This allowed me the opportunity to visit areas that I would have surely missed. This mini series goes from numeric order.
U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U55





Rise Foundation e.V Jan 14/1/20

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Luxemburg and Liebknecht Demo 2020

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Fridays For Future 2019

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Fuckparade 2019

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Wem.. Gehort Die Stadt 2019

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Working with other creatives is what inspires me to grow as a person and an artist. The people that I've collaborated with shape the way I think where my work is undoubtedly strengthened through every collaboration.

If you would like to collaborate with me or want me to work on commission give me a shout below.

Contact Me
sonnybarthley@gmail.com   Phone: 07738258499
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